For those who are new to it, the single most vital aspect of enjoying a successful fishing trip is to choose the right charter. More than anything, the boat and the captain are going to decide the success of the entire ordeal while you are on to water for the real sport.

Q: Why identifying a good charter becomes crucial in your fishing trips?

A: A good charter boat with excellent features and captain act as a base to encompass all the other related matters of your worry during a trip. Once you set the base right, everything run smooth.

Even if you are a first-timer, unfamiliar with the deep waters you are going to fish in, the captain will teach you all essentials about fish behaviors and ideal techniques to use for a reassuring catch. He can also give you insightful information about each species they are aiming at. A good captain can be your single-point contact for anything and everything related to the charter trips while on board.

Relevant traits to check

Everyone looks out for 5-star fishing charters; however, there are endless options to choose which makes a common man confused about how to go about it. Let us examine a few traits of an ideal charter to go with.

  • Price

Everyone is concerned about the cost as saving a couple of hundreds on your fishing charter is really welcoming. However, choosing the cheapest option may not always act in your favor. Even the second cheapest may not be the best, but you need to spend some time and effort to check for the price-worthiness of each.

The cost of a fishing trip depends on various factors including facilities / food on-board, deep sea fishing gear, fuel cost, charge of captain and crew etc. However, with a high degree of competition among the service providers, users now have many options to get discounted rates during lean seasons. The cost of fishing trips varies on the basis of the type of the boat used, capacity, duration, and on-board features offered.

  • Safety first

As in case of any adventure trips, in fishing charters also you are putting your and your dear ones safety in the hands of a total stranger. No matter how comfortable you feel on board, adversities may happen anytime while out at sea due to dramatic weather changes, collision, or roaring sea etc. So, safety should be your primary priority while choosing a charter. Here’s your safety checklist;

  • Inquire about the insurance coverage of the charter provider.
  • Check if they provide everyone on board with proper life jackets and personal flotation devices (PFDs).
  • Ensure the captain and the crew are trained in First Aid and CPR.
  • Check if the boat is twin engine that the second one propels even if one fails.
  • Ensure that the captain is licensed and the boat has a fitness certificate.
  • Even if everything is perfect, keep a check on the weather forecast for the day before departure.

Apart from these basics, you also need to check the capacity of the boat, fishing style they adopt, sea sickness measures, quality of the fishing gear, food served on board etc. to ensure the quality of service.